A Day in the Life of a Debut Author

Samantha Bohrman

My debut novel, Ruby’s Misadventures with Reality, came out a few weeks ago. As a new author, I’m trying to figure out how to balance promotion, writing, and my normal life as a stay at home mom of three. It probably goes without saying that I haven’t found it. I think balance, if such a thing exists at all, might require a part-time nanny.

For this blog post, I’m going to give you snapshot of my life in Tweets, photos, and words. To set the scene, it’s July 29, 2015. We have no plans, except my mother is driving into town.
Yesterday, I bought a new potty chair, so we started out the day by introducing it to the family. I tweeted about it:

Sometimes a hero quest can bring a man to his knees. In his sister's pajamas. ‪#herointrainingpottychair


Next we worked on breakfast. I tweeted about this, too:

Up next: I will boil oatmeal, talk about how great it is, & ultimately scrape it into trash. If you miss this show, it plays again in an hr.

That turned out to be true. No one ate the oatmeal. Luckily, lunch went better. At least two of the kids ate some of the soup I reheated. I was pumped. You have to celebrate every victory, especially if it involves squash and carrot soup. Same goes for writing. Finishing anything should be celebrated, even if it’s total garbage. Like Nora Roberts says, “You can’t edit a blank page.”
During nap time, I did some actual work. I emailed my editor about a book proposal. She liked my initial idea, but she has some suggestions for the plot. (I completely went off the rails.) Also, I wrote up a few paragraphs for the Books, Chocolate, & Wine newsletter!

Then, the baby woke up. He was cute, so I tweeted about it:
I knew I got those boxes for a reason.


I should mention that the publicist at my publishing house advised me to, “Tweet more about writing.” Now that I see what I’m doing, I can see what she means.
Going into the final inning before dinner, the kids played with friends and I visited my grandmother. I finally gave up on making sloppy joes and we went out for pizza. I tweeted that:

Went to restaurant. One girl had one shoe. The other borrowed baby bro's.

The picture doesn’t do the shoe problem justice. The red shoes only covered my six-year old’s toes. Halfway through dinner she exclaimed, “I’m never wearing these shoes again!” She was getting a blister. I guess she thought they were okay until then. Seriously, they fit her about as well as Barbie shoes.

Finally, it’s 11 p.m. and I’m finishing up this blog post. I never squeezed in a run, but I’m still wearing the exercise clothes I put on this morning. My husband is watching Game of Thrones. My good friend Carol Pavliska, another author, just messaged me about what she’s reading, a really skanky BDSM, by the way. I asked her what she’s doing for the sake of this “day in the life of an author post.” Turns out she’s sitting around worrying about kids. Almost all of the authors I know are women with kids.
That was my whole day, minus some diaper changes and a traffic jam. I need to figure out how to squeeze in some more writing, but besides that, I can’t complain. I’m thrilled to be embarking on a creative career and so thankful for all the supportive authors and editors I work with.

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