REVIEW – Peace and Disquiet

p&dPeace and Disquiet is a collection of short stories which are certainly of the more creepy and disquieting side rather than peaceful. All the stories feature death and/or demise of a curious nature often with a little twist or a feeling of all is not what it first seems. The intriguing and deadly overtones remind me very much of the televised 1970's series Tales of The Unexpected.

'Til Death Us Do Part is one of the more peaceful sweet stories of an elderly couple who have been through everything together – wars, marriage, children and finally want to end their days together – very touching. (more…)

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REVIEW – Luna Tree by Maya Berger

luna treeThis was a beautiful story.

I was given a copy for an honest review and I am SO happy that I accepted it.

What a fantastic story of hope, love, courage...I was blown away by this. If you're looking for an inspiring, yet at times grueling, biography then this is it.

Luna Tree is a biography of the life of Maya Berger, a woman in her late thirties who was suffering

horrible back pain and was ultimately diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis. A rare autoimmune disease, I had never even heard of. We begin to read her struggle as she travels the world looking for different kinds of treatment, eventually stumbling upon Energy Healing. (more…)

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REVIEW – All Is Not Forgotten by Wendy Walker

ainfThis is quite an unusual story, much of it written in first person and mainly from the therapist's point of view. This is not a pleasant read, and from the opening chapter, we experience the most horrific and savage rape of sixteen year old Jenny in the woods edging on to a party attended by older school children. After the event, and much to
the relief of her mother, Jenny can't remember anything of that sickening and vicious attack. But not remembering doesn't mean that all is well within Jenny. She needs to know what happened that night, who did this to her, who branded their mark on her skin. (more…)

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Kids Corner

We also want to encourage reading in the younger generation, so we have setup Books, Chocolate and Winegums, where we will have kids reviewing kids books.

This is open for all children to enter. All you need to do is send us their review with the authors name and book title, child's name and age, and we will feature it on the site.

Please click here to enter Kids Corner.

Featured Author


This months featured author is B A Paris.

The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie?
A debut psychological thriller you can’t miss!

It seems that everyone in the book world is currently either reading or talking about this new debut novel by BA Paris, already tipped to be the new Girl on the Train, or Gone Girl.

Our reviewer Angela was lucky enough to interview BA Paris after reviewing this novel, find out what she had to say here.


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