REVIEW – Second Chances by Connie Stephany

scWhat a charming novel! It was sweet and held more depth than I realized. The writing was superb, and there wasn’t a point in the whole story that slowed down unnecessary.

We meet the main character, Abby, who is a loving, generous woman madly in love with the man she is about to marry, Adam. When he leaves her without warning, Abby is completely devastated not to mention confused. We journey with her as she puts her life back together, and takes a leap of faith in an old schoolmate by the name of Max. Just as things begin to get exciting for the two of them, Adam returns and Abby is torn between forgiveness and new love. (more…)

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INTERVIEW with Helen Laycock

Welcome to Books, Chocolate & Wine, Helen. I have read one of your collections of short stories for adults, Peace and Disquiet, and also The Secret of Pooks Wood for children. Both were great books, in particular The Secret of Pooks Wood which I thought was a fabulously magical story. I will endeavor to read all your books and I shall recommend and read your childrens' stories to two special little girls in my life.

You are a prolific writer, can you tell me a little about your books and their genres

Hello, Angela, and thank you for inviting me to the Books, Chocolate and Wine table.

What has always gnawed at my obsession for order, neatness and labels is that, unlike so many writers, I don’t fit neatly into a box as far as genre or audience are concerned. (more…)

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REVIEW – The Secret of Pooks Wood

ppThis is one of those magical stories which shows wonder and enchantment in the faces of young children. I am far from being a child myself (although I did used to be one) yet I was quickly pulled into the very real feeling family Christmas story and, by chapter 2, I
was totally hooked.

Stella and her twin children, Ollie and Lily, are staying for the Christmas holidays at Great Hawkesden Manor, the rambling old home of Uncle Alfred. The children are eager to hear their mother's stories of when she was a girl staying at the same house for holidays and are
equally impatient to explore the snow covered grounds. (more…)

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Kids Corner

We also want to encourage reading in the younger generation, so we have setup Books, Chocolate and Winegums, where we will have kids reviewing kids books.

This is open for all children to enter. All you need to do is send us their review with the authors name and book title, child's name and age, and we will feature it on the site.

Please click here to enter Kids Corner.

Featured Author


This months featured author is B A Paris.

The perfect marriage? Or the perfect lie?
A debut psychological thriller you can’t miss!

It seems that everyone in the book world is currently either reading or talking about this new debut novel by BA Paris, already tipped to be the new Girl on the Train, or Gone Girl.

Our reviewer Angela was lucky enough to interview BA Paris after reviewing this novel, find out what she had to say here.


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Books, Chocolate and Wine was setup in February 2015 as a place fro me to share my opinions on the books I was reading. I became completely overwhelmed by the volume of review requests, and so we now have a team of reviewers.

Each of us has very different tastes which hopefully will provide a good mixture of books for you to choose from. We love to hear from both authors and readers, so please get in touch. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter too.